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Statistics for the  Weekday Games

Weekday Results and Score Summaries




Here are the excel files for the Weekday statistics.  When you click on the icon below, it will download the file and you can then click on it and it will open in Excel.  The first page that comes up is the INFO page.  It has a place to check your name to see your statistics--Or, you can look at anyone else.  All the tabs on the bottom lead you to other pages and the pages are "protected" so  you can't mess them up.  If you want to unprotect a sheet, go to the Home page (second from left at top of screen) and then go to the Format tab on top right (3rd from end on my sheet).  Click the drop down button and near the bottom of the field, is a "Protection" group and if it says "unprotect", click that !  If you want to protect it after you have "messed" with it, go back and it will now say "protect"!  Click that and hit OK and the sheet is now protected.

The Players tab at the bottom sends you to the list of all the players who played in the weekday games. You can find your name and scroll across to see how many game you played, how many team games, how many individual games, how much you won/game played, how many birdies you averaged/game, what your average gross and net scores were and if you won more than you paid in.  Now, don't get hung up on that.  45 players broke even or made more than they paid in for the year.  

There is a lot of information and if you want some help in looking up something, just email me and I will set up a time to go over the information with you. 

The Master Score Summary was added for 2018.  When you click on it, it will download the file.  When you open that file in Excel, you will see a cell highlighted in yellow  next to "name".  That is where you type your name--Last name first!  Then look 2 rows below to see your "average score/hole" for all the rounds you played at Southbridge.  It does not take into account if you played different tees--it just gives the avg/hole!

If you have any questions about either spreadsheet, email or call me!

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